Your CV may be the Reason You Don’t Get Interviews!

resume tipsUsually, most of the organizations are using software based applications to track the desirable resumes for their organization. They receive more than 100’s of applications for a basic job-profile. And the number of applicants gets increased with an increase in the level of positions, which creates a tough competition all around.

Job-seekers, if your resume is not framed in a desirable way, then your resume may receive a lesser time span or even no look at all. And, it’s important to check out why recruiters are discarding your resume. We need to find out the ways to improve, to get benefited. Let’s bring out some facts that we generally ignore and need our focus:

  • Proofread, before you submit your CV!

When a candidate submits his/her resume that’s not formatted and displaying silly grammar mistakes in it, then it can easily turn off anyone. We generally ignore these points of formats, spelling mistake or grammar mistakes of our content, while framing a resume. It’s important to do a manual proofread of your resume, to eradicate its errors.

So, proofread & review it twice, before you submit your CV.

  • Keep your CV Updated!

In the business industry, technologies are booming like anything, and it’s not easy to sustain in this tough competition. To keep yourself at the top, you need to stay in touch with new trends of technology. So, always make sure that you keep your CV updated, add-on the new learning, skills and technologies into it will double your chances, to get noticed.

  • Introduce Keywords in your CV!

As above said, to track the resumes usage of software based application is so common in the industry. Keyword based selection of resume, right away pick the resumes having similar keywords.

It means by using keywords in your resume, you’re getting better chances to get shortlisted. So, carefully read the JD of the job profile and then compose a resume as per the given requirements. As, the keywords simply add up a visibility factor in your resume. So infuse relevant keywords, to get your resume noticed.

Precisely, focusing on points given above will positively help a job seeker, to reduce the number of reasons why recruiters discard your resume. Now, rule out the changes in your CV and get a desirable job for yourself.

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