You think I party everyday and wear sweats to class? Overcoming Stereotypes With Your Video Resume

As an employer, hiring a recent graduate is a risky maneuver. You’re taking an employee under your wing that has zero experience working in a full-time job setting. You’ll obviously have to spend some extra time getting that employee acquainted to the real working world outside of college. There will probably be necessary hard skills the employee wasn’t taught in the classroom, meaning that you’ll have to spend extra time training him or her into the position.

In addition to this hesitation employers have about limited experience, there are also a handful of specific personality stereotypes that recent graduates will face as they enter the workforce. Before you start to worry too much, however, let me assure you that there is a solution to this issue: video resumes. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to combat these stereotypes, prove employers’ stereotypes wrong, and have a job in no time.

Here are the stereotypes you face and how a video resume can help you:

recent grad1. You are unprofessional. You wear sweatpants to class. You are hungover at least three days of the week. You constantly send text messages in inappropriate situations. Whether or not these generalizations are true for you specifically, employers are skeptical about you representing their company. 

How a Video Resume Can Help: Be sure that you are well-dressed and well-groomed for your video resume. Consider wearing a suit. You’d be surprised about how important these elements are in creating a good first impression and how crucial your first impression actually is. For more information on the importance of dressing professionally, click here.

2. You don’t have self-confidence. You know that you don’t have full-time workforce experience. Maybe you’ve been rejected for quite a few interviews before your first interview. It’s normal for this to be a very nerve-wracking part of your professional life. However, employers can interpret too much worry as a lack of self-confidence.

How a Video Resume Can Help: How you speak and carry yourself in your video resume can tell an employer a lot about your self-confidence. Do you seem bashful and embarrassed while talking about yourself? Or do you speak confidently and with enthusiasm about yourself and your accomplishments? Don’t forget to sit up tall and maintain good eye contact with the camera too.

3. You need constant reassurance. You’re used to getting feedback on your papers, assignments, and exams from your professors. College is a much more directed experience than the workforce. Don’t expect constant feedback from your employers. While it is normal to have an annual performance review, don’t ask your employer if every minute task you complete was done correctly.

How a Video Resume Can Help: Again, projecting a self-confident image in your video resume can help you overcome this stereotype and let employers know that you are confident in your ability to succeed. Besides what is mentioned above, also remember to speak slowly and take the time to pause when necessary. Doing so will help you look more relaxed and less anxious, nervous, and insecure.

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