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The Top Hiring Complaints

When looking for a new employee, employers want someone who is qualified and talented, excited about the position, and a good fit for the culture of the company. For all of these reasons, they put a lot of time and effort into the hiring process. Despite this willingness to dedicate resources to this process, finding

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Playing the Rules of the Job Search Game

When I first started my own job search process, I thought this scary “real world” phenomenon of finding a full-time job would be a cake walk. Previous internships, a great GPA, and references to speak on my behalf. What was I missing? I was missing a very key part of the equation: an understanding of how

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Seriously Though, Why Video?

Sure, creating a video resume can take a bit more time and effort than simply updating your text resume. Is it really worth the time and energy to write a script, get dolled up, and find a location to shoot (and re-shoot) this video? One of the foundations of Jobma as a platform rests on

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