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Know Your Company, Before Interview!

Presently, we are living in the era of technology. No one can ignore or given any concern when the interviewer asks you what you know about the company, what’s so special about the company and similar sounding questions. Since, the interviewer expects you to have basic and specialized information about the organization. Asking the basic

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Holding on to the Unchangeable past is a waste of energy and serves no purpose in creating a Better Future

Let bygones be bygones. If any untoward incident occurred in the past that you do not want to remember, just forget it. Holding on to the unchangeable past is a waste of energy and serves no purpose in creating a better future. We know that past cannot be changed, future is unpredictable, but present is

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JOBMA assists, plan your interview

Planning is necessary for success in any field. Proper planning makes you confident and provides you the strength to face challenges. When you go to the interview without proper planning and preparation, then there are chances of your failure and you may not be able to present yourself to the extent of your capabilities. You

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