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Give Power to Your Online Reputation

Branding or Online reputation management, both the concept follows the same approach. These are the self-marketing approaches, which helps the candidates to extend their professional & personal network. Everything that we begin, do and execute on the web is a part of self-marketing strategy. These are the ways that put your name on the web

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What does a Google search say about you?

A key component to any research a prospective employer will do on you is a Google search. Are you staying on top of the information that comes up? It helps if you have a very common name, as the results will be dispersed all over the place, but even so a moderately experienced person with

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The Importance of Building and Maintaining a Personal Online Brand

The idea of branding is not a new one. Some of the most successful companies in the world are known for their brand. Businesses spend significant time and resources in building and maintaining their brands, and for good reason. Successful branding can yield a loyal, consistent following, and the profits that come along with it.

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