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Networking is NOT About You

When most people start networking, they tend to make the mistake of centering the relationship around themselves. Their needs, their resolution to get a job, their wants. But what about the individual on the other side of this networking relationship? Unless they are a family member or very close friend, they don’t have an obligation

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How on Earth Do I Start Networking from Scratch?!

By now, we all know that networking is crucial to a successful job search. We know that a large majority of positions are staffed this way (80% according to an ABC News report!). But how exactly do we go about throwing ourselves out there? What if you don’t have any old contacts to get in touch

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It’s Not What You Know…

One word that will come up over and over again on job search blogs and, well, everywhere in the business world is ‘networking’. Personally, networking has always been an absolutely terrifying concept (being that I am extremely awkward when first meeting people) and I used to dread the thought of such a thing. The fact

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