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Hilarious Job Interview Bloopers

I recently stumbled upon a list of job interview bloopers compiled by the Wall Street Journal. Hopefully some of these can make you laugh just as hard as I did. Here were some of the highlights, as taken directly from the list: 1. Brought her large dog to the interview. 2. Balding candidate abruptly excused

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Creating an Impressive Video Resume: It’s All in the Details

Sure, we all probably have heard or just intuitively know the basic guidelines for creating a video resume: look professional, make sure the sound and lighting are decent, choose a tidy background, etc…These are all pretty intuitive. But beyond these basic guidelines, what really separates a good video resume from the pack? Check out this

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I can use my phone to find a job…really?

Do you remember when it was novel and exciting that cell phones could take pictures or access the Internet? Before that, it was exciting when a cell phone model was small enough to fit inside your back pocket. Today’s new and popular trend, however, is to use a mobile device as a job seeker. To

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