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Interview Basics: How to answer the questions you don’t know!

At least once, we all have to face Interviews. It’s an ultimate truth of everyone’s life. The term “interview” is a quite powerful word and capable of making anyone of you nervous. We try hard to stay confident and positive; still the interviewers manage well and make us feel confused and nervous. Moreover, the interviewer’s

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Really Getting to Know the Candidate You Are Interviewing

As an employer, think about the strategy you use in your interviewing process. Do you have the same set of questions you ask in every interview? Or do you come up with individualized questions on the fly, basing them on the candidate’s unique resume? Regardless of your current approach, it’s important to take a step

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To Ask, or Not to Ask, That is the Question

During an interview, it can be extremely advantageous to ask questions about the company and its culture to determine if the position is really a good fit for you. Just as the interviewer has prepared a set of questions for you, it is always a good idea to do the same for them. This shows

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