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Answering Those Bizarre Interview Questions

You know the ones I’m talking about: when employers ask you to name four different uses for a paper clip, what kind of animal you would be, or how much a taxi driver in Chicago makes in tips on a Tuesday night. The key to answering these questions lies in being able to understand why

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Tips to Stepping Up Your Video Interviewing Game

If you’ve never done a video interview before, the concept may seem slightly intimidating and nerve-racking. I know it did for me! However, with a little practice and by understanding the tips to success, you’ll be able to give your job search a competitive edge with this tool. Check out these tips below: 1. Identify

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Behaviors That Are Sure to Keep You From Getting Hired

As a job seeker, finding a new job is stressful. Surprisingly enough, as a hiring manager, hiring a new employee is nearly as stressful. Do yourself a favor and stay away from some of these behaviors that make life difficult on hiring managers. Applying for jobs that do not match your skill set. There is

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