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When You Don’t Have Enough to Put on Your Resume

Adding a video resume to your collection of application materials obviously gives you a huge boost over job candidates that only apply for positions using a text resume. But what more can you do if your resume is looking a little sparse and needs some more content? How can you show an employer that you

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Why You May Need a New Job

Are you unhappy at work? Under-valued? Underemployed? Then you’re like many others in the current economy. You may have taken a job just to pay the bills, or thinking it would lead to something bigger and better, but if it just isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to find something new. Lack of Job Satisfaction

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Being Qualified Just Isn’t Enough

Are you receiving phone calls, interviewing with employers, and still not landing a job? Job search mistakes can essentially be boiled down into two categories: a bad resume or a bad interview. If you’re getting to the interviews, your resume probably isn’t the problem! So what exactly happens in these interviews that you thought went

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