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So, what makes you different from everyone else?

The vexed question, “So, what makes you different from everyone else?” that many recruiters generally ask in the interview. You should answer this question tactfully. A prompt humorous answer may be inappropriate at some instances, but will definitely show your witty nature. You should frame a better answer that may please the listener and is

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JOBMA Launches the 30 second Resume Creation Feature

Jobma launches the 30 second resume creation feature, a recent innovation in job searching methodology. Using this feature the current jobseekers can upload their 30 second resume as a means to promote themselves to the job hiring companies. This gives them an edge over the other jobseekers to make their profile stand out and land

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JOBMA – An Introduction

Jobma has revolutionized the way people find jobs. Jobma provides a global platform accessible from any computer or smart device to research positions, upload customized multimedia pitches, get an interview and find a job in the fastest way possible. Jobma brings the job hunt to you and puts you in the driver’s seat to your

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