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Cover Letter Rookies: The Basics

Even for those who have held several jobs, a cover letter is still a hard application material to write. It takes a bit more time and thought than simply submitting a resume. It’s essential to invest the energy needed to craft a good cover letter, however, as a poorly-written cover letter can quickly place an

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Have Employers at Hello: The Keys to Better Cover Letters

When you go to make your resume stand out, you most likely are very meticulous about making yourself look good. You show your strengths, triple proof read for spelling errors, and make sure the most relevant information jumps off the page– or a hiring manager’s computer monitor. But getting the job you want takes more

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Job Search Blunders to Avoid

A poorly written cover letter or poorly recorded video resume can kill your chances of landing a job. Pay close attention and cater each cover letter, resume and/or video resume to the job you are applying to. The extra effort can set you apart and garner you an interview over equally qualified candidates. What position

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