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Cover Letter Rookies: The Basics

Even for those who have held several jobs, a cover letter is still a hard application material to write. It takes a bit more time and thought than simply submitting a resume. It’s essential to invest the energy needed to craft a good cover letter, however, as a poorly-written cover letter can quickly place an

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You Are More Than Your Previous Job Experience

We all know that you need more than relevant experience to succeed in the job search. We all know individuals, for example, that have outstanding hard skills yet don’t have the personality to win over their interviewer. And we all probably know people that have landed a job because of their five-mile-long personality, but start

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Resume Keywords: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play the Game

If you’ve read previous resume tips on the Jobma blog or follow another career-oriented blog, you’ll know by now that employers rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through large volumes of resumes. Using an ATS, employers are able to filter resumes by keyword in order to find the talent they are looking for. That sure

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